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Blackfriars for Advisors and IFAs: 

strategies tailored around you to help you deliver the best on your and your client's goals.

The way we look to invest is shaped by how we can better support you and deliver your long-term objectives. At Blackfriars, it is our mission to utilize our investment expertise to help you deliver attractive long-term returns to clients by using a disciplined but flexible approach to meet different needs.


We draw on the collective experience and expertise of our team of investment professionals, sector experts and business leaders in our investment approach and process.

Once we’ve gotten to know you and understand your needs, we will identify the most appropriate investment service tailored to your overall plan, which will reflect your attitudes and aspirations and have the ability to adapt to prevailing market conditions. 

We can offer support to advisors, trustees, and family offices through a 5-step process:

  • analysis and "health check" of current offering and product gaps to deliver a market-competitive and future-proofing investment product range;

  • design and launch of the products to complement the existing range of solutions to meet your or your clients needs;

  • support and "handholding" of the advisors during the process of the roll-out and marketing of the new products by you;

  • management of the new investment products; 

  • reporting and client marketing support. 

IFA and advisor-tailored solutions 
Our range of trusted investment management solutions and capabilities can offer support to IFAs daily, to aid you in providing a well-rounded client portfolio tailored to fulfil your client's requirements. 

​Blackfriars Model Portfolio Service range includes: 

  • 10 multi-asset risk-weighted client model portfolios from (Defensive to Speculative)

  • Growth and Income Model portfolio ranges

  • Segregated model portfolios are risk-targeted and tailored to the client's risk profile 

  • Tax-efficient and niche portfolios (Forestry, Agriculture, ESG, Women-focused).

Discretionary Fund Management (DFM)
Depending on the specific requirements of our clients, Blackfriars will seek to provide bespoke portfolio structured services, which may include highly tailored investment portfolios based on your individual circumstances and objectives: 
  • Product Structuring Advisory

  • Portfolio construction

  • Model portfolio services

  • Asset allocation 

  • Portfolio management

  • Client reporting  

On Top of the World
Segregated mandates & portfolios
We are investors in companies and not equity traders. We do not bet on news-flow, momentum or sell-side revisions, as we believe that is speculating and not investing. As investors, we concentrate on the underlying businesses of the companies we own. Over the medium to long term, the growth in the fundamental value of the business ought to be reflected in the share price. We have a pragmatic approach, not defined by ‘growth’, ‘GARP’ or ‘value’ labels.

Our mission is to deliver attractive long-term returns to our clients; we use a disciplined, fundamental, research-driven approach to identify well-managed, shareholder-friendly companies with sound business models where we see a strong likelihood of continuing profitability and positive shareholder returns. Our bottom-up, active approach, with research done in-house by our own portfolio managers and analysts.

We believe that valuing businesses across many different sectors/countries/operating environments requires tailored analysis. Many years of experience investing in developing markets have taught us that the best companies have three key foundations: good management, capital discipline and business models.

Active investment management services via global & GEM multi-asset and single-type segregated mandates and index unconstrained funds can include:
  • Global Multi-Assets Strategy

  • Global & Emerging Markets Healthcare Strategy

  • Asia ex-Japan Absolute Return Strategy

  • Asia ESG Income & Growth Strategy

  • Asia USD High Yield Bond Strategy

  • Eastern European Markets Strategy.

ESG compliant
All investment strategies include an ESG component based on UN SDGs (UN Sustainable Goals), SRI, ESG enhanced, Paris-aligned Benchmarks and aim to meet clients’ financial objectives and contribute to better environmental and social outcomes.

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a global

framework for action to solve the most urgent and challenging needs of society and the environment. Our portfolios contribute to the following goals:

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